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Path to Hope Counseling


Helping you Live a Mindful Life

   Are you facing your first major life transition?  You may be transitioning to college or getting your first job and figuring out "adulting" and all the stressors that brings as a young adult. You have a fear of failure and aren't sure you can trust yourself to make the best decision to move forward. You are uncertain about what direction you want to go in and wonder if you are on the right career path.

You feel easily overwhelmed and you've been struggling with worry for so long, you don't remember what your life was like without it. It causes issues in your relationship, your job and  your friendships.  You feel others are always judging you and its hard to feel confident in yourself.  You keep your feelings locked away and have a difficult time opening up to others.   You find yourself saying "yes" and agreeing to demands and requests from friends and family even though you know its not what you want to do​.  You want to please others and be liked but it is at a cost to your own mental, physical and spiritual health.


You find yourself thinking:

"What if I never get better?'

"Will I ever get this under control?"

"What if I make a mistake?"   

"What if I am not good enough?"

You end up feeling alone, unable to move forward in your life  and meet each day with feelings of overwhelm.  You are not sure what else to do to manage your life or your anxiety.  In reality, you deserve a life where you are not just surviving, but thriving. You deserve freedom from fear and a life of peace and contentment.


If you don't take action, things can get worse and this can cause more issues in your relationships and cause you to isolate more and feel disconnected. You will continue to beat yourself up and your self-esteems plummets. It gets harder for you to speak up for yourself and people continue to take advantage of you leaving you resentful and exhausted.  This causes you to withdraw more from those supports that you need most.


Your days could end up being  filled with worry and realizing you will never reach the goals you set out for yourself. Or you could reach out for help and start down the path to hope. Relief is closer than you think!


We can help you create a better life!


We know the challenges of anxiety especially for young adults and how much it can impact your life.  You may wonder if therapy really can benefit you. We are here to say that yes it can!   We are committed to helping you discover the tools to overcome your fears, find your voice and boost your confidence. We can help you find your direction and create a supportive network in the process.


We know how much courage it takes to reach out for help.  You may have doubts about therapy and be intimidated by the whole process. We strive to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.


We want you to know we are here for you.  Things can begin to improve for you today.   Click this button, Get Started Now  to schedule a FREE consultation to learn more about how we can help.

We are Holistic Therapists and treat the whole person, Mind Body & Spirit.  We can help you to better manage stress, discover new ways to relax and feel happier.  We can help you find direction and set goals so you can live the life you have dreamed of.

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"The Magic of Mindfulness, Simple Steps to Improve your Life"

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At Path to Hope Counseling,  we are here for you! 

No matter what you face we create a safe space and tailor our services based on your individual needs.  We provide individual, couples and Family therapy.  We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain

and trauma in Young Adults. 

We offer a free 20 minute consultation to share your concerns, ask questions and learn about our approach.  Reach out today at 984-500-2021.



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