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Are You The Parent Of A Teenager With Chronic Anxiety?

Has your teen been struggling with anxious thoughts about school or fitting in with their peers?


Is their ongoing anxiety starting to create problems with your relationship or their relationships with their siblings?

Teenagers deal with all kinds of pressures, both academic and social. Your teen may be facing increasing tension to have good grades and get into a good college. That could especially be the case if their friends have already received admission letters from great schools, but your child hasn’t heard from any of their top picks. 

Or maybe you’re concerned that your teen doesn’t have a lot of friends as a result of persistent social anxiety or spending a lot of time studying to do better in school. To make things worse, on social media, your teen is constantly confronted with the apparent “perfect” lives of their peers. And no matter how much you try to calm their fears, nothing has worked.

Would like to know how to make your child feel better and enjoy their youth? Are you ready to meet with a professional who can help your teen manage their anxiety?

Anxiety in Teens Has Become More Common Than It Used To Be

Many of us look back on our teen years with a sense of fondness and nostalgia. But, thanks in part to the popularity of social media, life is a lot different for teens today. School and peer-related anxiety isn’t just confined to school hours anymore; it follows teenagers home on their smartphones. 

What’s more, college is often seen as a status symbol. A rejection letter from a much-desired school or grades that are good but not “good enough” can be more than a disappointment for a teen. They can be a major proponent of anxiety and fear about their future. 

You may be struggling with the right thing to say to make your child feel better, especially if he or she tells you that you just don’t “get it.” Fortunately, there is support available for you and your teen. Therapy can show you how to help your teen manage their anxiety and handle whatever comes their way. By working with an experienced anxiety therapist, your teen can feel empowered to take charge of their life and make decisions despite anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy For Teens Can Build Confidence

Sometimes it’s easier on teenagers to share their feelings with someone who isn’t so personally invested in their lives. In providing a safe space to be honest and candid, your teenager is free to share the thoughts they may not know how to express to you just yet. 

Our role as anxiety therapist's is to help your teen develop the skills to manage their anxiety symptoms, so they don’t have to live in fear. Therapy will teach them how to recognize what triggers look like and handle them effectively. The right coping mechanisms can help your teen develop a heightened sense of self-awareness in social situations. Not only will that allow them to anticipate when anxiety is imminent but also prevent them from easily feeling overwhelmed or out of control. Additionally, therapy can build your teen’s confidence, self-esteem, and ability to be more present instead of focused on an uncertain future. 

Our  approach to anxiety therapy for teens is hands-on. Rather than just having your teen sit on a couch talking about their problems, we recommend tangible solutions they can practice at home. Some examples of these include meditation, yoga, and a practice called “preventative breathing,” which involves noticing your breath in the event of an anxiety or panic attack. Also, strategies based on mindfulness can help your teen change negative, anxious thoughts by turning them around or creating new ones. 

A modality we incorporate in our practice is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. This therapy method can help your teen with anxiety by reducing the tendency to cope through avoidance (i.e.: watching TV as a distraction from filling out a college application).


Also, when they are feeling anxious, they may excessively ruminate over the problem. And that can make their anxiety worse. CBT offers an effective way to reduce the number of distorted thoughts your teen may have about keeping up with their friends or measuring their worth by the colleges that accept or reject them.

Because anxious thoughts can be powerful, progress can be slow at first. But please don’t be discouraged. In learning how to be kinder and more patient with themselves, they can better regulate anxiety and channel it in healthier ways when it occurs. 

We have been helping teens and parents learn to recognize and cope with anxiety for many years. You will be amazed about how much of a difference therapy and mindfulness can make to increase your teen’s confidence and give them the ability to face down their fears. 

If you have a lot of parenting concerns and need additional support, we can help with that as well. Nicole Wallace also offers Parent Coaching and gives an individualized approach to address your concerns and provide helpful strategies to address behavior concerns and help things run smoothly at home. 

You May Have Some Concerns About Anxiety Therapy For Teens…

If my teen needs therapy, does that mean they’re crazy?

Of course not! We all need help now and then. Reaching out for help with anxiety is a sign of strength, not weakness, and certainly not craziness. If your teen is concerned about what their friends might think, you can remind them that confidentiality is extremely important to our practice. No one has to know they are going to therapy unless they want them to know.  We also offer video counseling which helps provide therapy where they feel most comfortable.

Is anxiety therapy for teens expensive?

We take some insurance and have lower rates for clients who have high deductibles and financial need.  Some out of network plans pay up to 60% which equals to about a copay cost for you. If we are out of network, its always best to call the phone number on the back of your card and ask "what are my out of network benefits for mental health counseling" so you know exactly what they cover.   But it’s also worth noting that therapy is an investment in your teen and their future. To live a life that is no longer characterized by anxiety is truly priceless. 

My teen doesn’t have time for anxiety therapy.

For parents who work irregular hours and teens with a busy social schedule, we offer some evening hours. We also offer online video counseling, which is beneficial  and convenient because you don’t have to drive across town or sit in traffic. You can get the help you need right from the comfort of your own home.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help Your Teen Live A Healthier Life

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with an anxiety therapist at Path to Hope Counseling, we offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit. Click the button below to get started.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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