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Counseling for Teens

At Path to Hope Counseling, we can help your teen overcome worries, learn to relax and have fun with friends again. Teens can learn the skills to boost their self-esteem and overcome social anxiety to get back in the game with friends.

How we can help:

Teenagers often may be unwilling to share their concerns with their parents. Many teens struggle with  bullying, pressure to fit in and to get good grades. Path to Hope Counseling can help your teen to overcome their worries and feel happier.  We work with teens to help to help guide them in making good choices  in their lives and develop skills to better handle stress. 

We use creative therapies such as:

  • Therapeutic games

  • Relaxation exercises and Meditation

  • Our aim is to help them build coping skills to better manage emotions to work through any issues that they face.

​Both Teen Therapists at Path to Hope Counseling are  LGBTQ affirmative. We can help with any issues related to coming out, gender identity, self-acceptance,  and family issues.​

 We can help your teen to overcome any challenges they face and enjoy life again! 

These Thereapists at Path to Hope currently are seeing Teens,

Nicole Wallace

Meredith Van Rensburg



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