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Counseling for Young Adults | Path to Hope Counseling | Raleigh, NC


Counseling for Young Adults in Raleigh, NC 

Are you a young adult with more questions than answers about your life?

Is this causing a great deal of overwhelm and stress?


The transition to adulthood can be a struggle when you discover it is not what you thought it would be. There are so many major changes you face in your life such as moving out of your parents house,  starting college, and managing finances. Beginning a new career can be filled some excitement but also worries, fears, doubts and a great deal of uncertainty.


Anxiety in Young adults is more common than it used to be.


Today there are more pressures and stressors that young adults of the past may not have dealt with.   Dealing day in and day out with these pressures can feel  overwhelming.  There are so many decisions you have to make about your future which are not easy ones.  You may be facing questions about career path is best for you, do you need more education? How can you get work experience in the field of your choice?  What if you don’t know what you want to do with your life?


As you begin a new job or career, you may feel like an “imposter” and that you doubt your abilities and accomplishments. You feel that you aren’t good enough and a big fear of being exposed as a fraud.  You compare yourself to others and wonder how you will ever live up to what is expected of you.  This is a very common feeling as you start to build your confidence in your ideas and experience in the workplace.


 You see how some of your friendships have changed and struggle to make new friends.  Its not as easy as it used to be in High School.  You wonder how you will balance time with friends, school/work and an intimate relationship. 


You find yourself exhausted after a long day at work or school and end up every night bingeing on Netflix and then falling asleep.  Living your life this way makes you feel alone and disconnected. This is especially true when you see your friends on social media out having fun and spending time with friends and you barely see your friends anymore.


  Managing your finances, budgeting and keep up with paying your bills is new for you and causes you a great deal of stress.  You are trying to manage more responsibilities than you ever imagined and the pressure sinks deep into your chest. This pressure can make it hard to take deep breaths and causes tension in your body. This can also make it hard for you to sleep at night as your mind stays awake rehashing the day and worries for the future.


You never realized it would be this hard.  Dealing with all the changes you face can cause a great deal of anxiety. You may be unsure what steps to take to manage your anxiety.  You wonder if therapy would even help.


The good news is that anxiety therapy can help young adults find more balance in their lives. It can help you to discover ways to get the guidance you need to face your fears and help you create bite sized goals that are easier to manage. Having a trusting and supportive relationship with your Therapist can help you will feel heard and understood.   It can help you to clarify what direction you want to go in your life and feel more confidence in your decisions.   Therapy can help reduce your anxiety symptoms and assist you in discovering more peace and ease in your day.


Our role as Anxiety Therapist’s is to help you to identify triggers, physical cues and develop skills to better manage your anxiety.  It can help you increase your awareness so that you are aware when anxiety is increasing and learn how to get it under control.  We individualize our anxiety treatment to help you find the best result. 


We have a more  hands on approach to therapy. Instead of spending the entire session sitting on the couch and talking about your concerns, we provide easy and effective strategies you can use each day to manage your anxiety.  We teach preventative breathing strategies you can use daily to help you prevent some anxiety and allow you to calm down quicker when anxiety is near. 


As Holistic Therapists, we apply a whole person, mind and body approach in how we help clients overcome their issues.  We utilize yoga techniques, meditation and mindfulness as part of our anxiety treatment.  This all are research based and proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety.  As part of our anxiety treatment, we assign “homework” for you to continue practicing the skills we teach you to further help with integrating them into your daily life.


One approach we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  This will help you identify unhelpful thoughts, learn how to properly challenge them and reframe them into more helpful thoughts. CBT can help you overcome thoughts that you are not good enough or thoughts such as “I can’t handle my anxiety.” 


Anxiety can cause rumination of worries at times and your brain can feel “stuck.”  CBT can help you really get into your rational mind and look logically at what you fear and help you develop some alternative more realistic ways of looking at your situation.  Combining CBT with movement therapy like yoga can make a huge difference in getting your brain “unstuck.”  Yoga in therapy can release tension and help you feel a sense of calm as you unite your mind, body & spirit.


I have seen first hand the positive impact that therapy can make for young adults with anxiety.  Once they are able to integrate some strategies from therapy and talk out their issues, they are able to approach new problems or concerns with a sense of calm and are much more likely to not be overwhelmed and can approach problems with ease. They are able to reach their goals and move forward to happier and healthier life.


You may still have questions about therapy for anxiety:


How often does therapy take? I don’t have a lot of time to invest.


  We typically see clients once a week for the first few sessions and then move to biweekly.  Once you make progress we can gradually taper off sessions to once every 3 weeks and then to once a month.  Most clients see significant improvement after 8 sessions.


Isn’t therapy really expensive? I have a tight budget.


We do accept some insurance, BCBS and Magellan as well as some EAP’s.  We have a limited number of sliding scale spots and offer a lower rate for video sessions. We also can help you navigate your out of network benefits which can be as much as 60% of the full rate for therapy which equals to about a copay for you. We offer an out of network rate for those without any  out of network benefits or a very high deductible.  We try to make therapy accessible to everyone.



Anxiety therapy can help you overcome your fears and live your best life!

Reach out today for a Free 20 minute Consultation to see if one of our Therapists at Path to Hope Counseling is a good fit for you.  Click the button below to get started! We look forward to helping you!

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