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Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions | Path to Hope Counseling | Raleigh, NC

Private Yoga Sessions

Private one on one yoga sessions are available to individuals who are wanting personalized instruction. 

This can benefit those who:

  • Are new to yoga

  • Have injuries or limited mobility

  • Are in Chronic pain

  • Are not comfortable doing yoga in a class  

Or if you  just want an individualized approach, private yoga sessions are for you!

All props including bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps are provided.  You will leave with a customized practice tailored to your needs.  It will help you understand how to properly move in and out of postures as well as build your confidence with poses. 

You can also work on meditation, breath work and mindfulness.  Restorative poses are also an option if you are looking for some stress relief.  My style of teaching yoga is more gentle and is trauma informed so you will never be asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

One Hour                   $80

30 Minute Tune Up  $40

Ready to schedule? 

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