Welcome to my new Website!

I am so excited to present to you my updated website! Hopefully this gives you a clear picture of all my services and what is available to you. I have added Holistic Health Coaching for those who want to just focus more on creating a healthy lifestyle. Coaching can help give accountability towards reaching your goals and help with motivation to create the healthiest life possible for yourself.

I will be continuing to be adding blog posts to help you learn more about handling stress, overcoming anxiety & depression and creating an overall healthy life. As part of new additions, I wanted to introduce Path to Hope Counseling's intern, Christine Jeffrey's. She will be around the office a few days a week to help me around the office as well as observing some sessions, offering individual counseling sessions to some new clients and learning and improving her counseling skills. I will be adding more information in the upcoming week about her so you can get to know her as well.

Thanks to all who continue to support my practice and I look forward to helping all my clients reach their goals and to create the happiest life possible!