Finding time for inner silence

Let’s face it, we live in a loud world full of distractions. Most of us get up in the morning in a rush, reply to texts, check out emails, get kids ready as well as ourselves and out the door we go before we have had a chance to breathe! We are too connected to others at times with our multiple social media outlets and phones. This keeps us with a constant stream of chatter from others and from ourselves. How can we change this??

You can start by changing your routine. Setting your alarm at least 15 minutes earlier and making it your intention before bed that is when you will get up. This will be your time. Take a slow stretch before getting out of bed, put your hand on your belly and take some slow deep breaths before leaping out of bed. Find a quiet spot away from your bedroom to determine your moments of silence. Set a timer and close your eyes. This can be a time for meditation or just sitting quietly and finding your inner self again.

Focus on your breath coming in through your nose, out your nose. When thoughts start nagging at you, recognize them, name them such as “work” or “Mom” and go back to your breath. If the weather is right, sit outside. Notice the trees blowing in the wind. Hear the birds calling out and see the squirrels running along the grass. It can be a time just to notice nature and a time for you to just “be” not “do” something. Take more deep breaths outside, lean back in your chair and just look at the sky. This is your time and can set your day off on a better note. This will ground you, make you more in the present moment throughout your day. It can help start your day in a calmer state which is good for both your physical and mental health.

Remember, you are worth it! The results of this practice will show as you become less frazzled during the day. If you are able, take another mindful break like this at lunch or in the afternoon. Center yourself, ground yourself and stress will melt away each day. We all need those moments of silence and inner reflection to keep us here in the present.