Yoga is a reflection of my life

I started using yoga several years ago to help with my back issues. It really makes a difference in my flexibility and pain management. The more I learn about it and make it ingrained into my life, the more I realize how it is a reflection of life. The first part of it involves making the time for self-care and getting onto the mat. Too often we put ourselves last when everything else in our lives is taken care of. This does not help us to live the healthiest life. Here are some other things I realized:

In yoga we learn to be flexible, being flexible in life is key to preventing mental health issues. Many times we fight the tide of change and don’t want to move forward. If we allow ourselves to be more accepting of change and the waves that come with it, our lives will settle more quickly into calmer waters.

In yoga we don’t struggle and accept our limitations. I love my new yoga teacher and how she tells us if we go too far into a position to move back because we don’t want to struggle, life is hard enough. Knowing our limitations and accepting them can help make our lives much easier. If something is hurting us we need to stop and back up.

In yoga we challenge ourselves and try more challenging positions. In our lives if we stick with what is tried and true we do not grow. We need to push the limits of what we can do so we can go farther than we thought possible.

In yoga we get stronger the more we practice. In our lives if we stay consistent with anything we try including positive coping skills, the stronger we become to better handle all the difficulties life throws our way.

In yoga we find inner peace through shavasana. With the hectic, busy lives we lead we often don’t take the time for quiet, inner reflection and meditation. Imagine if we all stopped daily more frequently for these moments of meditation, how this could give us more inner strength and calm to face each day. Our ability to find more peace would grow exponentialy. I believe this would bleed over into our relationships and how we treated everyone we came in contact with. This inner connection if everyone had it would make people more thoughtful before making impulsive decisions.

Maybe yoga is n’t for everyone but the lessons it can give us are invaluable. Yoga helps us discover our own mind body connection and reawaken us back to the present moment.