Come out of the darkness

Depression is painful and it can make the thought of socializing with other human beings unfathomable. Many people withdraw and stop reaching out for help. Depression can suck the hope right out of you and take you to a really dark place that can be hard to come up from. I have found that with the home visits I have done over the years that those with the most severe depression keep their blinds closed, rarely go outside and become extremely isolated. By living this way, they are allowing depression to consume them and reinforce the negative voice of depression that “things will never get better” “there is no hope” “I can’t stand it anymore” or “I will never be happy again.”

Symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness daily, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, sleeping either too much or too little, concentration issues, and eating too little or not enough food. The appetite issues can lead to either significant weight gain or weight loss. There can be a loss of interest in activities that you previously enjoyed. Many people feel angry or irritable and have little energy.

In my treatment of depression, I help clients to slowly come out of their darkness and see the light. This can be a long journey but with much perseverance and patience, people can find their way out. Small steps are necessary to assist people in moving forward towards happiness again. The mere process of opening the curtains daily, a little bit and gradually fully open is a start. Sunshine can help uplift people’s moods and sunshine is important to see. Many times I ask people I help what small steps they are willing to take daily and then weekly. Sometimes it can be as simple as setting an alarm daily to get yourself out of bed to making an effort to eat small meals daily.

Without treatment, people who tend to stay in the darkness can show an increase in depressive symptoms. Unfortunately, this can lead to suicidal ideation and gestures. Help for depression is available and through the use of medication and therapy, you can find your way out of the darkness. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, I can help! Please call me at 919-916-5380 to schedule a free consultation or email me at . There is hope and treatments available to help you to find the light in your life again. Depression help is just a phone call away!