You can overcome depression

When you are feeling depressed, it creates a cycle of negative thinking that is difficult to break. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness become overwhelming and drain the energy and motivation from you. Common negative thoughts from depression include "Things will never get better," "I can't handle this," and "I will always feel this way."

To recover from depressive symptoms, its essential to understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The thoughts you have impact your feelings and what behaviors you have. If you tell yourself that you will begin to feel more depressed and engage in behaviors that represent that thought and feeling. You may withdraw from others and lose motivation to make any changes in your life.

Having these negative thoughts creates more negative thinking, feelings and behaviors. The cycle can be difficult to break but it can be done! Learning to recognize and have the awareness of when you have these negative thoughts is your first step. The next step is writing the thought down, challenging it (is it really true that I won't get better again?) and creating new more helpful thoughts. (I may be down now but I can recover from my depression)

You can also use mindfulness to overcome depression. A simple exercise is to sit quietly and come to the present moment. Turn your attention to your breath. focusing on your breathing. When another thought comes up, look at it nonjudgmentally and imagine it written on another balloon and floating away from you.

The key is to recognize that it is just a thought and not a fact. You are more than your thoughts. Letting go of negative thinking is a process and can take practice. If you practice mindfulness and thought challenges daily, it will become easier and help you feel more hopeful. Things will get better and know that you will overcome any obstacles you face.

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