Are you feeling burned out?

Tired of the career you are in?

Are you wanting to go in a new direction but not sure how?

The first step is acknowledging your feelings and accepting them. Your heart will tell you if you are on the right path or if you are working towards or away from your purpose in life. It can be scary to consider leaving a position you are comfortable in but know the risks are worth your happiness and mental health. It really is important to step back, quiet your mind and let yourself dig deep inside. Take some time alone to write and/or meditate on these questions, it can help to be in a quiet space in nature where you will not be disturbed:

Am I where I need to be?

Should I make a change?

What else should I be doing?

What is my purpose in life?

Be patient. It may take time for the answers to come. But you must find solitude to be in a receiving state of mind. Listen. Really listen and don't try to force the answers for yourself. It may take more than one quiet meeting with yourself to gain some answers.

Depression and anxiety are often states that tell us we are not where we need to be. It is time to make a change once you determine that yes, I am ready, willing and able to make this change. It is then you can begin to create your plan of action.

What'syour first step? Keep your steps small so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Have a contingency plan, what will you do if Plan A, B and C go awry and don't work out the way you expected them too Be prepared for stumbling blocks and discouragement to follow. This is a normal reaction. Plans fall through and life can get in the way. Stop. Take a break and reconfigure your plan. It is important to consult and seek out others for support, encouragement and advice. Find networking opportunities to help keep you in the new direction you wan to be going in. The hard work will be worth it when you realize that you are where you need to be. Happiness and a sense of peace will follow!

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