Out of control with worry

Fear of the unknown and uncertainty about one’s future can fuel feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can be overwhelming in new situations and people may not know what to expect. A certain level of anxiety is normal and can help fuel action. This can especially be seen with students who may worry about an upcoming test and the anxiety is the driving force in a lot of preparation and studying. Have you discovered that most of what people worry about never comes true? Many people get especially caught up in the “what ifs” of life. What if I fail? What if I look stupid in front of other people at the party? What if other people judge me? My response in therapy is to go the opposite way and answer the person “What if you don’t fail? What if you succeed?” “What if you don’t look stupid, have a good time at the party and make a new friend?” “what if someone judges you? You may never even know about it.” The key to answering these “what ifs” is a big “so what?”

The power of those two words are underrated. It takes the power right out of those worries and really challenges it. By thinking the opposite of the worry it can help ease your mind and help other to begin to gain control of their worry. It takes practice and perseverance but anxiety can be overcome.

If steps aren’t taken to get hold of anxiety, symptoms can get worse and sometimes turn into an anxiety disorder. For those who have anxiety for 6 months or longer and are having difficulty controlling the worry, they could have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Some of the symptoms include: restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge, being easily fatigue, difficulty concentrating or mind going blank , irritability, muscle tension and sleep disturbance. The symptoms also cause significant problems with social, occupational and/or school functioning.

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