Find your inner coach

Too often we are led by the negative voice in our head that tells that we can’t do something and we are not enough. To try something new or to change your path in life takes courage and perseverance. To stay motivated to exercise or engage in a new behavior can be a test of mental strength. To help guide ourselves onto new pursuits we need to dig deep and find our inner coach. Our inner coach is that small voice in your head that either encourages you or discourages you. You need to turn the key onto the encouraging voice.

We’ve all seen scenes where sports coaches are in the locker room at half time and they give a pep talk to increase the motivation and drive of their team. I want you to close your eyes and imagine a coach like this inside your head. Think about what they look like, what their voice sounds like and you can even give him or her a name! Imagine them being your personal coach along your journey in life. They are there to help pump you up and encourage you through any hard times you encounter as you make a change. They cheer you on, clap for you and remind you of the reasons for your change. Too easily we allow our key of discouragement to take over. In our heads we say “You can’t do this” “This is too hard for you” “You’re not strong enough” which leads to our feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness. You have to turn that key off! Grab your inner coach and hear his voice. Instead say things like “This may be hard at first but it will get better,” “You can do this,” “you’ve got this,” “You are strong enough and can reach out for help when you need it.” Think about them giving you a high five and clapping for your success. Turn your key of discouragement off by telling him to “be quiet!” and “I am not going to listen to you.”

More frequent turns of your key of encouragement and as you hear your inner coach’s voice daily, the discouragement key can be shut down. Every day we encounter outside sources that can put us down, hurt our feelings and cause us to lose faith in ourselves. Why add to this negativity through your own inner voice? Finding your inner coach is a tool you can use to counter those outside forces and build you up from the inside so you can be a strong, confident and happy person no matter what obstacles are in your way.

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