Recovering from a Loss

Grief can feel overpowering at times. When we lose someone or a pet that we love, it can feel like our hearts are shattered. It can make you wonder if you will ever feel better again. Episodes of crying, depression, anger, anxiety are all common responses that one must go through to properly heal. Grief can affect concentration which makes working or focusing in school very challenging. Talking about the loss at first will be difficult. It can take some time to do this. Many families will hide their feelings and never talk about the person they lost because of how painful it is. This can be very damaging especially to children. This is teaching them to keep all of those feelings inside and its not ok to share them.

Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to cover up the feelings and to feel better temporarily. This delays the healing process and can lead to addiction. One cannot properly grieve when feelings are always masked somehow and the feelings keep getting pushed further and further down from consciousness. This never works in the long run. It provides a temporary escape and release from the pain but the negative feelings come back once the “high” is gone. It is like trying to keep ice cubes down in a glass of water, no matter how much you push them down they keep coming back up.

The healthiest thing for people to do when facing a loss is to allow themselves to feel their feelings, sit with it and remind themselves that “it is temporary” and “I will get through this.” The pain can feel unbearable but know that it is not forever. Allow yourself to cry as often as needed to properly get the sadness out. Realize that as time goes on the episodes of extreme emotional pain and sadness, will come less frequently and be easier to manage.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with overcoming a loss, help is available. Please call for a free consultation today at 919-618-6526 or email me at . I am here to help and provide a supportive ear to help lessen the pain and help you find your way forward through life.