How do I know if I have depression?

It is normal to feel times of sadness and depression. Life is not a straight road that is easy and free from incident. We can lose a loved one, lose a job, experience a trauma or just not be where we want to be in our lives. For short term feelings of depression, we can get through it with the support of friends and family as well as applying coping skills we may have developed over the years. Major Depression can be debilitating and disrupt the daily lives of those affected.

Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are below, and you must have 5 out of 9 for nearly everyday for more than 2 weeks :

  • Feeling sad most of the time nearly every day

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Low energy

  • Problems sleeping (too much or too little)

  • Changes in appetite (too much or too little) with weight loss or weight gain for some

  • Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness

  • Irritability

  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities

  • Persistent physical pains, headaches, or digestive issues

  • Thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts

If these symptoms are left untreated they can get progressively worse negatively impacting social relationships, work and one’s ability to function normally. Untreated depression can lead to thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts. Despite the overwhelming feelings of sadness and disruption in life that depression can cause, help and hope is available!

Depression is treatable and through the right combination of therapy and medication, people can overcome this condition. Many people with depression suffer from a lack of motivation to move forward with their lives. This can stall their efforts to get help and they continue to suffer in silence. Reaching out for help can be difficult but necessary step towards getting the help needed.

If you or someone you love is suffering from some of the symptoms of depression, I am available to help. I am experienced and effective Counselor who has helped many overcome depression and move onto happier lives. Call today for your appointment 919-618-6526 or email me at Don’t put this off, I can help you find your hope and develop the skills to better navigate the unstable waters of our lives.