Close The Gates On ENVY By Using These Simple Tips

I was recently speaking with a young woman about assessing the level of happiness in her life. She was very somber as she explained that she felt complete happiness was out of her reach due to her financial obligations. She went on to illustrate this point by telling me about friends she recently met. She stated that knew they were happy because the had the money to buy cars, homes, and travel. She knew these people didn’t have to wonder or worry about where their next meal or car payment was coming from each day. Therefore, their nights must be restful. She said she envied their lives.

I agree that money gives people more opportunities in some cases and provides material comforts. I have also found from counseling a very diverse population that money and material assets also bring concerns of their own. Managing wealth and assets can be very stressful. Keeping income consistent once you acquire a great deal can also be a challenge many people don’t consider after acquiring material goods.

You may be able to purchase a new car, but can you afford the maintenance fee and upkeep of such a high-priced vehicle? You may qualify for a big expensive new home. However, can you manage the cleaning, lawn care, and utility bills that often come with an expensive, bigger home?

Envy of other people’s financial situation can be motivating to some people. The young intern who envies the boss’s wealth and power and strives at work to achieve a promotion. The small business owner who envies the corporation and works hard to build up his/her publicity. However, some people are polarized by other people’s material wealth. They compare themselves to celebrities or friends who seems to have achieved a certain level of success and allow those feeling of envy to destroy their self esteem and devalue their own significant contributions and gains. These self-depreciating thoughts and feelings can contribute to someone’s already depressive state.

If you find yourself falling into the trap of envying others financial and material assets and feel like it adds to you depressive thinking. Here are some things to consider:

  1. There are many people in the world with a great deal of material wealth, yet they suffer from many of the same problems that people without wealth struggle with in their lives.

  2. Most material wealth is acquired through hard work and commitment, not just luck.

  3. Appreciating what you currently have in your life can bring a significant lift to your mood and sometimes ease depression symptoms.

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