Tap into the power of Visualization to reach your Goals

For the past few years in January, I review my personal and professional goals from the previous year and determine how many that I reached and how many are still a work in progress. (I don't think anyone reaches every goal they set and that's ok) Then I work on creating new, realistic and specific goals for the year. As I review the ones I reached, I noticed something amazing. The goals I tended to reach were the ones I visualized myself succeeding at. Visualization is tapping into your inner world to help make a goal transform to the outer world.

For example, I have a tendency to avoid conflict. I feel anxious about confronting people and would rather let something go then call a friend or family member out on something they said or did to hurt me. I just held it in and tried to move on. Not anymore! Through visualization I was able to see myself gathering up my courage and being brave to confront those who hurt me. Was it easy? No but it always ended in a positive result and sometimes brought me to feeling closer to the person as I felt I could be more honest about how I felt. It cleared the air and I realized that the importance of speaking up and the downside of holding it in included feeling angry, resentful and hurt.

In the past I also have visualized places I wanted to travel and the direction I wanted to take in my career through the use of a vision board. Using a vision board really helped guide me in the direction of the goals I wanted to achieve. A vision board is simply a poster board where you cut out pictures and words to show what goals you want to work on. The key is to look at it daily to help plant the seed of what you want most in your life. However, you can't 'just visualize your goals and expect them to happen. It takes action steps to help you get there as well.

I believe it helps to write out your goals for each year and be sure to include your physical, social, emotional and spiritual goals. It can help to determine a time daily to visualize yourself reaching your goals, this could be in the morning or before bed.

Here's how:

1) Be sure you are in a place where you won't be disturbed. Focus on taking several slow, deep breaths

2) . In your minds eye see yourself already achieving the goal you are working towards. For example, if you want to exercise see yourself setting your alarm earlier and getting up and putting your clothes on. Picture yourself driving to the gym and working out.

3) Notice all the details, the colors, shapes, smells, objects and what you hear. Observe how you look after achieving this goal and imagine how you will feel when you achieve this.

Once you build that habit you will be on the way towards a happier and healthier life! Trust this process and know it works. Remind yourself of the reasons why this is important to you and let this be your guide on this journey towards improving yourself.

Post in the comments below if you have used visualization in the past and how it helped you achieve your goals.