The Top Misconceptions about Therapy

Many clients I first meet with have entered therapy for the first time and seem uncertain about what to expect. This is normal and it can feel uncomfortable at first but I think it helps for us to clarify what to expect so you have a better idea of how therapy can help you. There are some misconceptions on what therapy is, how it is delivered and how the process is expected to go. Here are some of the popular ones and the truths to counteract them:

Misconception #1: You have to come to therapy every week for the rest of your life.

Truth: This is simply not true! At Path to Hope Counseling we encouraged clients to come once a week for at least for a month if possible so we can better build that therapeutic relationship. Some clients do come once a week for a while especially if they have more severe issues and/or suicidal ideation. After that we can move sessions to every other week for a while to see your progress.

After you are stable we can gradually push sessions to once every three weeks and then once a month for maintenance. Some clients choose to have sessions once every couple months to have a check in. Ultimately it’s the clients choice, we will give you our input but its up to you to decide what works for your schedule.

Misconception #2: It can take several months to notice any change from therapy

Truth: Many clients find some relief within 5 sessions. If you continue to not make progress after 8 sessions, your Therapist will discuss with you other options that may help in your recovery.

Misconception #3: All therapy is alike and it doesn’t matter which Therapist you go too

Truth: All Therapists are individuals and therefore, each Therapist provides a different set of tools and personality to the table. It can take some time to find the right fit. Therapists are also trained in different modalities of treatment so its important to figure out what you need so you can find the right provider who has the proper training to best help you.

Misconception #4: I have to keep it to myself if I want to end therapy, I can’t tell this to my Therapist because it could hurt their feelings.

Truth: Therapists like to keep the line of communication open. Its so much better for the therapeutic process if you bring this up in a session so it can be discussed. Your Therapist also can refer you out if you are unhappy with our services or need something different. This is totally fine to do this. We want to give you access to the best help available.

The best thing you can do to overcome any misconceptions on therapy or the therapeutic process is to ask your Therapist questions about it. They can clarify any concerns and answer any additional questions. As always feel free to email me or Nicole with any questions at and we’d be glad to give you more information or clarify anything.