Protecting your Teen from internet dangers

The dangers are real and internet activity often can be hidden from parents. In my practice with teens I cannot count how many teens have been involved with sexting, posting private information and posting details about where they live. This is very dangerous as so many predators are out there ready to friend them and take advantage of their trust. Other teens face cyberbullying and often are afraid to speak up about it.

Here are some startling statistics:

20% of teens have sent semi-nude/or nude photos of themselves

58% of teenagers feel that it is safe to post photos or intimate details online

41% of teens had a negative experience as a result of being on a social media site

The implications and consequences of sexting is great. Teens can be charged with child pornography and end up feeling anxious, embarrassed and struggle to want to go to school if pictures are shared with classmates. By posting private information and details about their lives publicly, they are at risk of predators seeking them out and potentially luring them in to do inappropriate sexual things online or through meeting them somewhere.

How can parents help keep their child safe?