5 Ways to Bounce Back from Bad Days

There are days when multiple things seem to go wrong and you can’t seem to get your grip on the day. What you had planned ends up not happening and you have to totally switch around what you planned to do that day. These days can exhaust you and make you feel like banging your head against the wall (which I don’t recommend! Lol). Bad days can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and frustrated. It sucks and know that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts on a day like this. The question is, how do you bounce back so the rest of the day/rest of the week can go more smoothly?

  1. If major issues weren’t happening (like something actually life or death) remind yourself to breathe throughout the day.Taking “HA” breaths can be very helpful in relieving physical and emotional tension.Take a big deep breath, let it out in a forceful HA sound through your mouth.Do this several times and when you need it throughout the day. This will help relieve anxiety.

  2. Remind yourself of what is going right in your life and what you are thankful for. Its easy to get caught up in the negative space and allow it to overcome your whole perception. The bad things that happen are simply one part of your life, not your whole entire life.Keep focus on what is going well to keep a positive mindset.

  3. When you are able to get home, make it an intentional self-care evening.Getting some movement in with a short walk outside or simply sitting in nature can help.Drink enough water and resist the urge for junk food.Have a cup of tea and do what soothes you, puzzles, watch a favorite movie, a warm blanket, listen to favorite music, and spending time with pets are all ideas.

  4. Realize this is temporary! We all have bad days but it is rare that it bleeds into the next day. You could say to yourself,“This day has been awful but its temporary and I will get through it like I have before.”

  5. Find a creative outlet to release negative emotions.This could be singing, dancing, crocheting, drawing,do what makes you feel alive.Sometimes it helps to create what those negative feelings look like and remind yourself to “let it go.”

You are bound to have days that don’t go well and it can be a struggle to find your way out. Its important to resist the urge to crawl into bed and eat junk food or drink too much alcohol to cope. With the right mindset, application of some gratitude and self-care, you can get through it! Know that it will be ok and you will find your way to other side.

If you or someone you love, is struggling to manage their emotions and everyday is feeling bad, there is hope! Help for anxiety and depression is a phone call away. At Path to Hope Counseling we provide a free consultation and can help you find your way back to a calmer and happier you. Reach out today at 984-500-2021 or email at pathtohopec@hushmail.com.