5 ways to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

It is very common to experience some anxiety on Sunday night before the work and school week gets started. However for some people, Sunday night can cause an overwhelming amount of anxiety. It is anticipatory anxiety about the week to come, all that needs to get done, emails to catch up on, your never ending to do list and making that transition can be more difficult for some people. Sunday night can be the reminder that the fun of the weekend is over and its back to reality and responsibility come Monday. This can also lead to difficulty sleeping, restlessness and racing thoughts at night.

So how do you ease that transition and make Sunday night a relaxing time instead of one filled with anxiety?

1. Create end of the weekend Fun! A lot of fun activities may be scheduled Friday or on Saturday leaving Sunday a catch up day to focus on cleaning and other tasks around the house. This can make it less exciting and lead to the feeling like the weekend is ending. So make it your intention to go shopping, go out for ice cream, hit a local brunch or just spend your afternoon at the park to keep that weekend feeling going.

2. Have a week in review time on Friday afternoon. This can be reflecting over the week and what went well? What did you accomplish this week? What do you still have to get done in the next week? Revamp your to do list for Monday so it can be out of your mind until Monday.

3. Have a Sunday evening ritual. This could be anything that promotes relaxation. Do some yoga, go for a walk or meditation time. Or make this time for a facial and an at home pedicure. Wind down with some herbal tea and reading before bed.

4. Problem solve! What is bothering you? Is it the presentation you have coming up? Or do you feel overwhelmed with your work load? Now might be the time to organize yourself for the week and determine when you will get items done for the week. This might also be the time to consider if you need to look for a new job.

5. Plan a healthy meal for Sunday night. Often times people overeat and drink too many high calorie drinks over the weekend which can lower your energy and impact your mood. Make Sunday your healthy meal night and get family members to help with the cooking.

It might take some trial and error to help yourself discover what works to make Sundays less scary and more relaxing. Sometimes spreading out the activities you don't like to do on the weekend onto other days besides Sunday can be helpful. Or better yet, delegate some to family members to help take the load off of you. Sometimes it takes some reflection on reasons why they keep appearing and then this can lead you to making some changes in your life.