4 Ways You Can Relieve Tension While Self-Isolating with Your Family

If you’re feeling stressed by the pandemic, you’re not alone. With so many things uncertain and everyone still social-distancing, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Factor children, homeschooling, and remote work responsibilities into the mix and it can feel like there’s no escape from worry and stress. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the stresses of self-isolation, including these tips for managing your family’s emotional health through this crisis.

Coping with COVID-19 Parenting Stress

Being stuck at home is no fun for anyone, but being stuck at home with kids can be especially challenging. You may need to plan some fun and stress-relieving activities for your kids to keep things calm inside your home, and thankfully the internet is full of creative ideas. If your child struggles with a learning disability, and this is causing undue stress, art projects can provide a confidence boost while also providing a much-needed outlet for expression. Art can also be helpful for children who may be visual learners, especially when projects are planned right after lessons. In addition to art, there are several other ways you can keep your children occupied while you relax or work from home. Some fun and engaging activities you can try include puppet shows, science experiments, and even baking.

Finding Outlets for Tension and Anxiety

There’s no doubt about it: self-isolating can be a serious source of tension. This can be true even if you are isolating on your own. Add kids and a spouse to the mix and you are bound to experience a higher degree of stress. While you can’t completely eliminate stressors in such a complex situation, you can find ways to relieve the tension you and your family are feeling. Putting more emphasis on your health and fitness can do the trick, especially since your diet and exercise habits can either increase or decrease feelings of stress. Exercise can be extremely beneficial for reducing emotional tension, so try to get outside for a family walk or look for online exercise classes you can take at home. You may even be able to dig up a few family-friendly online workouts or exercise classes that will keep your kids busy while you work.

Spending Quality Time with Family

When you’re spending all of your time with your family, planning family time may seem pointless. Still, you are most likely spending some of that time on separate activities, like your remote work assignments or your kids’ online learning lessons. So, even as you self-isolate together, make sure that you are planning some fun activities that will prevent boredom and allow everyone to blow off a little steam. An activity that both kids and parents can enjoy is playing board games. And many, including chess and checkers, can be played remotely as well with friends and grandparents. You’ll also want to spend plenty of time outside, so take a walk, visit the local parks, or pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in your own backyard.

Seeking Help and Support When Needed

It’s always smart for parents to have ideas for keeping kids busy and spending quality time as a family. Taking better care of your health can also help with self-isolation stress, but honestly, you may also need a little extra support. These are difficult times for everyone, and most people are reporting increased feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. If you or anyone in your family are also experiencing these feelings of tension, it may be time to focus on your mental health. Counseling services from Path to Hope can be valuable for getting your family through times of crisis, so consider booking a session. Having someone who will listen can provide relief, and your counselor can also provide you with coping tools that can make life feel less overwhelming.

These are extraordinary times that call for extra amounts of stress relief. Having the tools you need to provide this relief for your family can make such a difference. Also, remember that even though you’re self-isolating you don’t have to do this alone. So reach for support when needed.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel