6 Steps for Escaping Financial Stress and Anxiety During The Holidays

During the holidays, we tend to be bombarded with messages of joy and happiness. While the holiday season can inspire these positive feelings, it’s also very common to feel anxious, stressed or depressed. That’s especially true when concerns about money and finances get added to the holiday shuffle. So if you are feeling anxious or down during this holiday season due to budget, here are some coping strategies to help deal with those feelings, as well as ways to save money.

Shop at eBay for Savings on Holiday Shopping

This is the season of giving, but buying gifts for your loved ones shouldn’t leave you stressed out about your budget. Know that you can still pick up thoughtful presents for your friends and family, without anxiety or overspending, by searching for promo codes that will help you save even more on those holiday purchases. You can even find discounts and cashback offers to help you save money at eBay, where you can find both new and used items to give as gifts.

Look for Discounts and Special Offers on Holiday Travel

If you plan on traveling to see family or friends during the holiday season, you may be anxious about what those travel expenses will do to your budget. With more people traveling, the costs of airline tickets and hotel rooms tend to go up, but you can always look for deals that will make your holiday travel more affordable. Travel sites like Skyscanner and Expedia allow you to compare rates for those travel expenses, so that you can find the best prices for your budget.

Keep Holiday Entertaining Costs Low

Having friends and family gather at your home can help save on those travel costs. Though playing host to so many guests can come with different expenses, you can use apps and online sites to save on the costs of food and drinks. Most grocery store apps offer digital coupons these days, and you may even be able to stack those in-store offers with coupons you find on Rakuten or other savings sites. Planning budget-friendly menus can also deter costs.

Make Time for Exercise and Self-Care

All of the hustling and bustling that tends to occur around the holidays can really disrupt your normal health and wellness routines. Maintaining those habits, however, is one of the most effective ways to combat holiday depression, stress, and anxiety. So no matter how busy you get, set aside time for self-care and wellness, including stress-relieving workouts like yoga. If you’re worried about overspending on your fitness and health routines, you can always look for equipment like a yoga mat for cheap, scope out new client discounts at local yoga studios and gyms, and search for other ways to save on memberships.

Practice Yoga and Meditation Affordably

Going to a yoga class or a gym session can help you burn off some holiday stress, but you can also find other ways to relieve the tension that seems to accompany the holiday season. For example, you can practice yoga at home in order to manage anxiety over your finances or other emotional triggers. For some added stress relief, be sure to add a few minutes of meditation into your regular yoga practice. If you need some motivation to get started with these mindful habits, you can also download self-care apps that offer added support to get you through the holidays.

Seek Out Convenient Counseling

When winter blues or budget worries feel overwhelming, it may be time for you to consider speaking with a therapist. A licensed therapist can help you work through those intense feelings and develop coping strategies that will make the holidays less of a headache. If you can’t fit an appointment into your holiday schedule, you can also get help via online counseling services. Path to Hope Counseling offers online counseling which can save you time, you can have your session from the comfort of your couch! Reach out today to schedule your free consultation 984-500-2021 or email pathtohopec@hushmail.com.

Anxiety over money and other triggers is normal during the holidays. That doesn’t mean that you need to live with those feelings of stress or anxiousness, and you definitely don’t need to add any more financial pressure in order to find relief. Thankfully, with the above tips, managing tension and other unpleasant feelings doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Photo Credit: Pexels