Energy Releasers for Mental Health

Have you ever been around someone who is depressed and you walked away and felt depressed yourself? Or maybe you were with a friend who was highly anxious and then you felt anxious after spending time with her? Was it hard to shake it?

Everything is energy and sometimes it can attach to us. I find some people are more sensitive to this and can easily take on the emotions of others. When you are an empath, this can happen more often and can cause a lot of mental health issues and undue suffering. You probably want to be there for friends or family and be supportive but how can you do this while protecting your own mental health?

This has happened to me more times than I can count. There are many ways to help release the energy of others but before I get to that its important that you work on your own self-care to keep your physical, mental and spiritual health in good working order. On the physical side, be sure to get enough movement in your day. This doesn’t’ mean you have to do a full on hard core cardio session. This could be simply increasing your steps or starting your day with a short walk in your neighborhood. Movement is a great release for excess energy and help with anxiety. IF you can gradually add in workouts where you increase your heart rate up significantly, this can help greatly in helping you relax.

As far as self-care mentally, its important to listen to how you speak to yourself. Are you beating yourself up and being way too harsh on yourself? Is your self-talk mostly negative? This impacts your emotions and your behavior. By changing how you talk to yourself you can change your emotional state from negative to positive. Its important to talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. You wouldn’t tell a friend “what is wrong with you? You really messed that up. You can’t do anything right” would you ? You probably would say “so you made a mistake, it happens. I’m sure you can work through it and learn from it.” Think about more kind words.

Spiritually its important to have some kind of spiritual practice. Everyone has different spiritual or religious beliefs and practices. For some it could mean connecting to a higher power through prayer, meditation or going to a service. For others it may be spending time in nature or using incense or calling on their ancestors, or simply reading a spiritual or religious text. It doesn’t really matter what the practice is as long as you are doing it consistently and make it part of your routine.

Energy releasers you can use, try some of these and see what works for you:

1) If you find yourself depressed or anxious suddenly, say to yourself firmly in your mind “I let go of any energy that is not mine.” Repeat as necessary.

2) When listening to someone in distress, if you feel some physical or emotional residue, tell yourself in your mind “not my energy” repeat as necessary.

3) Stand outside on the grass (barefoot if possible) visualize negative energy moving out through your feet, then visualize white earth energy coming up and filling your entire body.

I hope these are helpful to you. Remember the first step to managing any negative emotions is awareness. This can help to identify the feeling, allow yourself to sit with it and then if needed find a way to better manage it. It can help to talk to a Therapist about it as well, send me a message through my contact page here.