Essential steps to managing racing thoughts

It happens to so many people. They get into bed and they find their thoughts just won’t shut down and they find their mind racing. This can lead to sleeplessness which causes irritability and this can impact your relationships. Racing thoughts can happen to anyone especially when you have a lot going on in your life and struggle to manage your anxiety. There is help for your anxiety! From my experience in treating clients with this issue here are some essential steps:

Step 1: Research shows that in order to stop the constant racing thoughts and to break that loop is exercise. Exercise gets you out of your head and into your body. You need more than just “walking the dog” or once a week movement. Getting a few days a week of full cardio through biking, elliptical, weight training or a gym class, will help stop that pattern. As always, check with your Dr. to determine if you are physically able to start an exercise routine.

Step 2: Meditation, the research indicates daily meditation can also help stop racing thoughts. Consistent meditation is powerful and is a wonderful way to calm your mind and your body. Remember you don’t have to “clear” your mind. Its all about being the “observer” of your thoughts, recognizing them without judging them and letting them go. If you struggle to do it on your own consider using an app like Insight Timer or a video on Youtube. Be patient with yourself, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Consider doing it at the same time each day so you can build it as a habit.

Step 3: Keep a notebook by your bed and write down all the things you are “worried” you will forget and any observations about your day. A journal is great way to process events feelings and thoughts about your life and can be therapeutic to put it on paper. (I always recommend the old fashioned paper and pen) It can be another way of getting it out and letting it go.

Step 4: Focus on your breathing. There are so many ways you can practice breathing to calm your nervous system which will help stop your anxious thoughts. Before bed practice breathing with gradually increasing the length of your exhales. Using some gentle stretching and/or yoga poses before bed can be helpful as well.

Step 5: Consider creating a mantra for yourself like “I will get through this” “I’m safe, I’m ok” or “Peace and calm” repeat this over and over. You can also use it with your breath to inhale and say part of the mantra and then repeat the rest on the exhale.

Doing any of these steps can make a big difference in beginning to reduce racing thoughts. The key component though is doing a consistent practice of these steps. The more you put into each of these the more you will get out of them and the more benefit you will see in the long run. If you or your loved once still struggles with anxiety or racing thoughts help is a phone call or text away! Reach out for a free no obligation consultation at 984-500-2021. We are here to help you.