How to Boost your Motivation during COVID 19

Our lives have shifted dramatically in a few short months. As we all have tried to manage stay at home orders and keep our sanity, it can take a toll on your mental health. I think many forget that we all are grieving. Grieving the loss of our regular lives, loss of freedom to do what we would like, loss of socialization time with friends, loss of fun events that were planned, some have loss of jobs and income, and loss of certainty that we can plan ahead. Sadly, others have lost their lives through this pandemic which is heart breaking. All of the negativity out there can take a toll on you and impact your desire to keep up with household chores, work and anything else that needs your attention. I’m finding this to be one of the biggest struggles during this pandemic is the loss of motivation.

Other than the grief process, other things can contribute to loss of motivation. A switch to working from home or virtual school has thrown many into a loop of adjustments. Feelings of depression can cause an increase in of low motivation. Feeling tired can make it more challenging to face daily activities as well.

What can you do to boost your motivation:

1) Reflect on the cause to help find a solution. If it is from feeling tired, plan an earlier bed time and less screen time 1 hour before bed. Work on creating a soothing routine before bed to help ease your way into sleep.

2) Why is this task important to you? If taking classes seems pointless at times, challenge yourself to look at your thinking. If you say to yourself “there’s no point” then your motivation will skyrocket downward. But if you reframe that to “I don’t always feel engaged with it but I really want to earn my degree and get the career I have dreamed of.”

That feels different doesn’t it? If its more exercise you want, why is that important to you? Is it because “you should?” Or is your why to be healthy and feel better about yourself? Thinking about the end result can help as well “Moving more will give me more energy and feel better about my body.” It might take some time but dig deep to help you discover your why to help push you in low moments.

3) Use visualization. Take a moment each morning to picture yourself doing the task you want to complete and try to connect with the feeling of accomplishment of having it done.

4) Watch your self-talk to motivate yourself. Have you become a dictator and try to motivate yourself with negative self-talk, “You are so lazy, you gotta get moving.”

This does not work. Changing the internal voice takes practice but consider how a good friend would encourage you to get it done, would they say “whats wrong with you? You never get it done!” No they would say encouraging words like “you’ve got this, you can do this!” Create a more positive dialogue to get yourself moving.

5) Stop procrastinating “I hate cleaning the toilet, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Just do it now! Work on not putting off what can be done today. You can also time yourself to see how long it takes, cleaning the toilet really shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes right? Use that to encourage yourself.

Self-motivation takes time, discipline and patience to keep on the right track. But with the right mindset and awareness of your inner voice, you can get there to overcome those hurdles and get started quicker and reach the goals you set for yourself. If you are still struggling with low motivation or symptoms of depression, there is always hope! Reach out today to get started on your wellness journey at 984-500-2021.