Keeping the Cheer in the Holiday Season

This year has been challenging in so many ways for all of us. Now with COVID numbers spiking, experts are warning everyone to stay home and avoid travel and large family gatherings. This can bring a sense of loss to many as many haven’t seen family members all year, holiday parties and get togethers are cancelled, holiday traditions may have to be skipped and some are adjusting to the death of family members. This can lead to feelings of isolation, sadness and worry about what is to come in the new year with this virus.

How can you keep the cheer in the season if much of what you usually do is cancelled??

  1. Find Local light displays to drive through, look at local news for professional and private displays which can help keep things festive

  1. Take the time to really decorate your space in a way that brings you joy and to help keep your spirits up even if you aren’t having people over, do it for yourself and your family

  2. Consider moving your in person holiday party to an online one, who says they have to be boring?There are a ton of ways to make them interactive and fun using trivia, storytelling, prizes for best holiday attire, sing holiday songs or do a virtual craft or painting together.Consider sending gifts to family like a special drink or food that you can share together online. Heres a link to learn more:

  3. Focus on those holiday traditions you can still do like bake favorite cookies, put up your Christmas tree, watch your favorite holiday movie or send out card to loved ones.

  4. To prevent burnout, consider taking more time off than usual at the holidays. Consider this a chance to rest, recover and spend time doing things you enjoy doing.

Despite the challenges its important to keep looking for the good in the world. Sometimes this might mean looking a little harder but good stories are out there in the news and on other websites like Keeping your mind filled with the good in the world will help you to remain positive and help ease feelings of depression or loss. Remember to keep your connections going with other people, it might feel like more work this year since you see less people in person but well worth the effort.