Keeping Your Spirits Up and Your Kids Happy During Quarantine

Kids are out of school!

It’s only been two weeks!?

It feels like two months!

Over the last few weeks, Covid -19 has had a significant impact on all of our lives. Limiting our travel, our recreation, and our work experiences. It is very stressful just dealing with work and travel modification. If you have children at home, it adds a whole new level of stress, concern and responsibility.

I have all four kids back in the house. I have one grumpy college freshman student, one self-isolating high school junior, one computer driven 4th grader, and one extroverted 2nd grader. So, while planning my home-school strategies, I decided that we should focus on language arts, math, social studies and science. However, I also thought we shouldn’t get rid of the fun part of school – School Spirit! For those of you who are not familiar or have forgotten, schools often host Spirit Week. Spirit Week is a week focused on showing school unity and pride. Students and staff do fun stuff such as dress alike or participated in theme-based activities.

Why can’t we do that at home?

I’ve decided to plan my own spirit days for our home school situation. Here’s what I’ve developed:

Pajama Day – We will wear our pajamas all day in celebration of our county going into “shelter in place restrictions” this week.

Spa Day - We will drink herbal tea and have meditation time, manicures and pedicures. I have three girls and one boy at home. My son enjoys the foot massage tub and the herbal teas. There’s something for everyone!

Team Day – We will wear our favorite team jerseys and go outside to play some sports.

Art Day – We will paint, color, and make slime.

Thank You Day – We will write thank you notes to people we know are working hard in our communities during this crisis (police officers, nurses, grocery store workers, etc…).

I invite you to join me in creating spirit days to keep our spirits up as we spend more time with our children. I invite you to join me in helping them make memories about this time that will not be filled laughter and good will rather than stress and anxiety. If you decide to copy my plan or if you create your own please feel free to share your ideas and how it worked out at . Stay safe!