Lessons I’ve learned from the pandemic

This year has been a learning experience for all of us. I know many meme’s and jokes are out there that talk about how “awful” 2020 has been and most people are ready for it to be over. On the other hand I think we have to look at the lessons we can find from this experience to help us grow as individuals and not stay in the “doom and gloom” mentality about all of this. To keep more positive it can help to see how to make the most of what time we have left in this year.

Lesson #1 I’ve learned to focus on what is most “essential” and important in my life

When the terminology came up about “essential” workers and businesses during the shutdown, it got me thinking. What is most essential and important to me? What do I need most to be happy and healthy? I think it really made me realize the important things in life are having a home, relationships with others and allowing time for self-care are essential to my well-being. I began doing daily gratitude to focus more on what I do have not on what I don’t have in my life.

Lesoon #2 I’ve learned to keep my mindset on what I “can” still do Not what I “can’t” do

Let’s face it, the pandemic sure took a lot of fun out of our lives this year. It was a huge loss with cancellations of vacations, hockey games and concerts and other big events. However I learned if I stay in that place of “I cant go to a concert” or “I cant do what I want to do” I tend to get more upset and depressed. But if I reframe and tell myself “those things are on pause” and “I will focus on what I can do .” It helps me stay more positive. I can still do yoga, see friends (socially distanced of course) see nature and go for hikes, read good books and go out to dinner. It can help to write a list of fun things you can still do as a reminder that not everything is cancelled. Those fun events will come back in due time, I choose to see this as a time