What do you believe?

Reaching out for therapy is never easy but most people do so because they are in a place where they feel stuck and are unsure how to handle emotions. There are some people who struggle to believe that they can be helped. The truth is, what you believe will effect the outcome of therapy. Are these true for you:

· I’m beyond being helped

· I am too far gone

· I”ve tried everything and nothing has worked

· Nothing will work for me

If you buy into any of these negative thoughts then you are right! Our minds are powerful and we can create a self-fulfilling prophecy about therapy if we hold onto these thoughts. Meaning if we believe these to be true then we will behave in a way to fulfill this belief, thereby blocking our own progress in therapy. This may mean you may cancel often, not do therapeutic homework, not making any changes in your behavior, withhold a lot of information from your Therapist or just come to therapy once in a while. These behaviors are a sure fire way to stay in the place you are and not make any progress.

These thoughts come from a place of hopelessness and helplessness which can be a sign of depression. There is hope and help for depression! By being aware of these thoughts you can learn to properly challenge them and reframe them to create more helpful thinking. Your thoughts impact how you feel and what you do, so if you change your thoughts you change how you feel and your behavior.

For example, if you change the first one “I’m beyond being helped” to something like “I may have a lot of issues but with hard work and support I can find my way through.” What feeling comes up for you with that statement? I’m guess more hope than the first one! This will help drive you to engage in more helpful behaviors like completing homework and making necessary changes in your life to improve.

Remember that the more you put into therapy the more you will get out of it. Research shows it can help reduce psychological symptoms and is effective. Make sure you are doing the the therapeutic homework, increase your self-care and know you will have to make some changes in your life if you want things to be better in your life. Don't forget: it is possible to overcome your struggles and get to a more stable place emotionally.

Talking with your Therapist will also help you process your thoughts and work your way through them. Building the faith in yourself and the process will make therapy so much more effective and worth your time. Ready to start the process today?? I offer a free, no obligation 20 minute consultation, email me at pathtohopec@hushmail.com and we can start your journey.