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Therapy for Therapists


     Being a Therapist can be very stressful and draining; we offer attention, empathy, and care to our clients daily.  Without proper self-care we can be left feeling drained, overwhelmed, and overburdened.   As Counselors we are at risk for burnout and compassion fatigue.  It is so essential to our own mental health that we address our own personal challenges.  Just like clients Counselors face issues with life changes, stress, death of a loved one or other traumatic event that can cause overwhelming negative emotions and try our ability to cope. If these issues are not addressed we can struggle to be present for our clients and it will impact our effectiveness as professionals.  I know you have a busy schedule. I offer video counseling sessions as an option for your convenience.

      I am passionate about helping other Therapists and Counselors.  I am experienced in a variety of settings so I can provide a empathetic ear to help you through any work related difficulties or personal struggles you face.  I consider myself "the self-care expert" and can assist you in developing self-care and coping skills to help you to better handle challenges you face.  Reach out tod