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Yoga Class


By Chris McDonald, LCMHCS, RYT 200


I am so excited to bring gentle yoga to you!  Here are the events I am starting so far and I hope to add more in the future.  Keep checking back on the calendar for new class additions!  Here are class titles and descriptions:

Yoga for Calm

  Feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Is it hard for you to relax?   Come for a relaxing hour that integrates breathwork, yoga asanas (postures) and meditation.  This class will also include positive affirmations with some postures.  This Subtle Yoga Inspired class is easy to follow, slow paced and helps you find your inner calm.  Gentle yoga helps you release stress and tension, leaving you feeling  relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Mindful Yoga

   Is it hard for you to stay in the present moment?  Are you always thinking about events in the future or the past?  This class is for you!  This class will help you get grounded, centered and keep present moment focus.  You will learn how to stay focused by tuning into your physical sensations, emotions and energy level.  Through breathwork, meditation, mudras and asanas (yoga postures) your nervous system will reset and by the end of class you will feel much calmer.  This class is suitable for all levels of yoga, I do give alternative poses for any injuries or physical limitations.

  • Future classes I am looking at providing Yoga for Energy (for depression), Yoga for Chronic Pain and Yoga for Healthcare Professionals. 


"I just took Yoga for Calm with Chris and I’m so happy that I went! I was nervous about doing yoga poses but they were very easy and she explained everything step by step.  I felt like my stress just melted away, it’s very hard for me to relax and let go of my racing thoughts.  I like that I was able to pick up some techniques to do at home like the head and face massage.  I’m looking forward to another class."    -Julie W

I have really enjoyed my yoga practices with Chris.  She plans poses that are very relaxing, the perfect way to unwind in the evening!  I appreciate how many variations she offers of each pose so I can find a spot that is comfortable for my body.  On my own, I have started incorporating a couple of the poses she showed me in my evening routine, which has really helped ease the tension in my back. I highly recommend her classes!  -Kelly C.


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